I can’t disclose much of the details of the project estimation database but I will generally discuss:

  1. Motivation
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Goals
  4. Implementation
  5. Mockup UI Results
  6. Estimated Completion Date


Estimating piping process jobs can be especially daunting when using an archaic pencil-paper system. One must keep track of different categories of work of various sizes spread out across numerous piping process plans. This system usually results in confusion, stacks of papers, and purchasing more erasers from all the mistakes. More importantly, there is no efficient way to sum up the data one has acquired besides hand-counting.

The most efficient way to handle this problem is by entering data, perhaps via UI, and storing it within a database. With this, simple and advanced queries can be run in the database, results are usually much quicker, and erroneous data can be caught before inputted into the database.


  • Engineering and construction companies
  • Project managers
  • Project estimators
  • Piping process customers


A user should be able to access the estimation database website, choose from a listing of customers and jobs, select piping process plans, and view estimation results from those plans.

This phase will not consider project estimation insertion via the end-user.


The UI will be developed using HTML.

PHP will take care of the server-side scripting.

Considering the ease of integration for end-users, the web-based approach seems the most feasible. There are also a variety of well known web-based tools that can help manipulate data.

MySQL is the database of choice considering its abundance of documentation and guides. That, and MySQL is free to setup and use.

Mockup UI Results

UIDesign_blurred UIResultsDesign_blurred

Estimated project completion date:

April 22, 2015