For an Android mobile development course, we decided to create a game for Android. The game idea was based off of Rebuild, a popular iOS and Android game. Link to Rebuild (external site)

I took the roles of project lead and lead programmer. The work for these roles included:

Project lead roles:

Programming roles:

  • Programming the main playing screen
  • Procedurally generating tilemaps
  • Drawing the 2D isometric images based off of the tilemap
  • Procedurally generating items, survivors, and enemies onto the tiles
  • Implemented events based off of user interaction
    • destroying, capturing, looting, etc.

The project source was moved from Bitbucket to Github. Link to Github (External link)

Sample Screenshots:


The menu when an unsafe (uncaptured) territory is selected. Shows actions available to user (left) and the amount of zombies, food, and survivors (center).


An icon of the survivors is placed above any tiles that are currently being acted upon.


The menu in which survivors can be chosen to act upon a selected tile.


An overview of the main game screen.


A mission complete menu that describes various events that occurred during the player actions on a tile.


The menu that is shown when a player selects a safezone territory.